What We Do

North Star Liberty Group isn't just a lobbying firm. Our vast knowledge of and experience with cannabis policy makes us the one-stop shop for engagement in the future of the industry. We understand and speak cannabis and can translate your message to your target audience.

Based in Washington, DC, our mission at North Star Liberty Group is to impact cannabis policy by advocating particularly on behalf of those who prohibition has directly and negatively impacted. At our core, North Star Liberty Group utilizes deep knowledge of the political process to push a future of innovation and change in the cannabis industry. We believe in a government that allows all people to participate and maintains their political power.

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"You can not possibly have a broader basis for government than that which includes all the people, with all their rights in their hands, and with an equal power to maintain their rights."

— William Lloyd Garrison, 1867

Our Services

Direct Lobbying

North Star Liberty Group leverages years of experience to directly lobby lawmakers at the municipal, state, and federal levels to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. By developing an advocacy plan specifically tailored to the needs of your campaign, we put your issue in front of the people who need to hear it most in order to achieve legislative success.

Grassroots Consulting

Grassroots activism is a cornerstone of our democracy, and North Star Liberty Group has experience in grassroots campaigns and brings that experience to your grassroots campaign, wherever it is. We plan and execute grassroots campaigns in communities across the country and consult on existing campaigns to produce favorable legislative and electoral outcomes.

Social Responsibility

As a minority-owned business, North Star Liberty Group has a strong background in the creation and implementation of statewide and municipal social equity programs. We’re here to help communities that were disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition by advocating for and facilitating programs that seek to right the wrongs of the War on Drugs.

Community Outreach

North Star Liberty Group knows that there’s a broad cannabis community waiting for your products and services. We specialize in community events and informational media regarding responsible cannabis consumption, public health, and safety.

Municipal Strategy

The top barriers to entry into the cannabis industry are the complexities of local politics. North Star Liberty Group can assist with advocacy against bans, moratoriums, and strict zoning by-laws at the municipal level.

Consumer Education

Educated consumers make strong industries and North Star Liberty Group can bridge the gap between the business and the consumer. We strategize around educational materials about proper dosage, methods of ingestion, quality analysis, understanding product labels, and general cannabis information.

Candidate Training

Your campaign's message matters and North Star Liberty Group knows how to create the right message to reach the right people for your campaign. Though we specialize in training candidates on how to frame their messaging around cannabis-related issues, our progressive slant and cross-generational understanding can help you frame your messaging in any issue specific to your electoral campaign.

Strategic Communications

Impactful and consistent messaging is essential to the success of any campaign. North Star Liberty Group can ensure that a candidate, campaign, or business addresses the right issues with the right messaging to the right audience at the right time.

Business Development

In today’s political economy, businesses must grow to be viable. North Star Liberty Group can strategically plan your growth opportunities including implementation monitoring and regulatory framing.